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Beachcomber Bride

There are those girls who live on the beach, dream about all winter (or live close to it, if you’re so lucky) and there is no other place they’d rather marry.  This post is for you. The steps to looking like a blushing bride on the beach: 1)  Start with a flowy dress that isn’t extremely restrictive.  It just doesn’t say easy and breezy.  Keep in mind the length.  Will you be in the sand and the surf?  You won’t want a long train getting wet and sandy. 2)  Add some beachy accessories.  I couldn’t help myself with the matchy matchy starfish earrings and sandals.  Not many people will even see your feet and they were adorable. 3)  Now for the veil.  I recommend wearing your hair back when you’re out in the elements.  Flowy hair would be beautiful but what if it is super windy?  Same idea with the veil.  Keep it back just over or underneath your updo and hopefully it won’t be in your face the entire time. Now you should be set to get your feet wet!

Monsoon wedding gown


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