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Best Before and After This Year

You aren’t even going to believe these photos.  I told you that when my folks bought their house, it was the queen of retro.  But if you’ve ever doubted what a little paint and some new flooring will do to a place, here’s proof that it can make a tremendous difference! Here’s the living room before-

Hm, green carpeting?  I think not… And here’s the after-

I’m purposely not showing you the other side of the living room because there are a few surprises there you’ll see later. The flooring looks like this, new hardwood-

I can’t wait to put in new light fixtures and window treatments.  Another way to update and take this home out of its time warp. The paint is Bleeker Beige by Benjamin Moore-

It makes a nice contrast to all the warm reds and sage greens my mother loves.  It is a neutral beige that can be a little flat looking, so be careful what you pair it with! Pretty good living room flip!  And thank you painting fairies for the help with this big room!


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