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Best Splurges

I have no idea what prompted me to think about this today. But here is my list for my top five wardrobe splurges. Trust me, I’m still your bargain basement girl.  But if you’re going to invest in something, don’t pinch your pennies when it comes to owning at least one of each of these: 5) Jeans- You can really get what you pay for when it comes to jeans.  Buying a more expensive pair will definitely get you a better fit.  And they tend to be more flattering too as they are cut to enhance your figure. 4) Boots- I love a good faux leather boot, but there is just something about the real thing.  A nice boot can go with so many outfits and can be work appropriate too, especially when the materials are upscale. 3) Leather coat- Any leather is going to be an investment, but gives you a completely different feel versus faux leather.  Plus it is much warmer too. 2) Cashmere- Definitely the more expensive the cashmere, typically the better quality it is.  That doesn’t mean that the cashmere you buy on Black Friday is not worth it.  It just means when you invest, you’re buying a garment that will last longer over time (don’t let moths get it!) and have a thickness to it that the lesser quality stuff doesn’t have. 1) Bag- I’m not crazy about faux leather bags.  I understand if you can’t afford a fancy brand name, but at least buy leather.  It will last much longer and look much more sophisticated.


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