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Blizzard Relief

Yikes!  It is really blowing here.  With school called off again for tomorrow and visibility down to a few yards, not even a mile, I’ll have both the kiddos and the Mr. home tomorrow.  This throws off not only my plans for the week but also theirs.

Maybe it’s God’s plan.  Maybe he wants us to have some extra together time tomorrow. I don’t know.  What I do know is that many of us are really tired of January.

So here’s some ideas on keeping the kiddos entertained with the intent they won’t play video games ALL day long:

1)  Start the kids on their Valentine’s.  Every year it takes a painstakingly long time for them to write their names on all their classmates Valentine’s.  This should give them a good half hour project, depending on their ages.  This is, of course, after homework and Book-It reading.

2)  Back our cars out of the garage and let the kids ride their scooters and/or roller blades to burn off extra energy.  This is after they run laps in the house and start wresting each other.

3)  Bring out some toys from Christmas they’ve already forgotten.

4) Make the “world’s longest” race/train track (perhaps also in the garage).

5) Set up a grocery store on the steps with play food and some lists and a cash register with money.

6) Build a fort out of chairs and blankets to leave up all day.

7) Play spies by setting up Nerf gun targets in the empty garage and masking tape laser beam traps.

8) Create a scavenger hunt for them around the house using a movie or book they like as the theme.

9) Let them bake cookies.  And with the exception of putting hot pans in and out of the oven, let them do it all by themselves by reading the recipe.

10) Take a group nap.

And for myself?  Well, after I catch up on Downton Abbey, I’ll do chores, chores, chores. Because the laundry and dishes are never-ending tasks.  And then I’m going to do a little organizing. Which is what the theme of the week is here on Style from the Sticks.  And later, perhaps invite friends over for dinner and a card game.

That’s my plan.  In this blizzard, keep yourself safe and sane!


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