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I love old jewelry.  If I could raid your grandmother’s jewelry, I would be in seventh heaven.  As often as I purge my closet of out-of-date clothes, I hardly ever weed out jewelry (with exception of items that seem too juvenile or cheap). There just isn’t much that goes out of style or doesn’t come back around. Brooches are no exception.  And if your grandmother gave one to you, you better still have it….

(Image courtesy of They were so hot a few years ago (and also about fifty).  But what your grandmother has a drawer full of does not need to be old news.  Wear them!  Here are some creative ways to work them in on a daily basis- 1) Pin on a hat.  Ho hum winter hat?  Add a beautiful broach and it is fabulous! 2) Pin on a scarf, whether for warmth or to just to add another layer to your outfit 3) Pin to a long necklace, instant pendant! 4) Add it to a barrette or bobby pin for a one-of-a-kind hair accessory you could never buy or find 5) Pin to a cardigan or dress at the waist, or add to any belt (especially simple ribbon) 6) Pin to a cowl neck shirt or sweater, it will end the “what kind of necklace can I wear with this shirt” question 7) Clip to a purse or on a scarf tied to your purse 8) Here’s the obvious, pinned to your lapel (think of using clusters of them!) Look at your brooch as an embellishment, not a piece of jewelry.  Then when you’re thinking, “boy this outfit really needs a little something,” add on a brooch! Note: sometimes just leaving a brooch on the above items means spending less time thinking about how to wear it and is always on and ready when you’re pressed for time.


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