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Busy Work

I know I’ve talked a lot about my trim project and I don’t recall ever showing you what my door painting project looks like or what the “after” is.  I’ve been really busy now that the weather is nicer to hit this project hard to see it completed.

Here’s the process:

1)  Remove the door from the jam.

2)  Take the door to where I can lay it down flat to paint and let it dry.

3)  Remove the hinges and screws.

4)  Spray paint hinges and screws.


The hinges before


The hinges after

5)  Paint primed door.  Wait.  Paint second coat.  Flip and repeat on the other side.  Usually a two day process.


I use these small foam rollers to minimize nap.  I also add Floetrol to the paint mix so that my roller marks are lessened.


6)  Meanwhile, paint the door jam.  Two coats.


7) Take door back inside and attach hinges.


8)  Lastly add the doorknob.

One down!


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