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Chalkboard Cabinet

I am forever writing lists of things i need to accomplish.  A list for the day, a list for items that need to be done whenever, lists for house projects.  Lots of lists.  And it gets really tiresome to find lists all over the house.

Due to the popularity of chalkboard paint and how much I love it, I had an idea of making a chalkboard wall.  Except that I really didn’t know where I wanted to put it.  I liked the thought of making the side of one of my cabinets all chalkboard because it seemed a great place to be able to write out all of my “to-dos” at least for the day.  But I really wasn’t too excited about painting the cabinet,

Instead, I found a piece of chalkboard vinyl on Amazon that came in almost the exact dimensions that I needed.  Obviously it was intended to be used horizontally, but I turned it and made it follow the entire cabinet length.

Here’s what it looks like-

Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard Wall

it was fairly easy to apply and I hope that it lasts.  I’m very excited about having lists so visible and easy to update!


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