Christmas Tour

No baby yet.  And the only thing keeping me from going mad is decorating for Christmas. Remember my theme this year was red and white in a minimalist sort of way.  Well, for me that meant only putting up one tree and leaving about nine totes of Christmas stuff in the attic this year.  A lesson in restraint!

So while we count down the days until this baby decides to make an appearance, I’ll entertain you with pictures of my holiday fun.

Here are a few from today-


Burlap Stockings Hung in Bedroom

Ya, okay, I have a few cord issues I need to work out.  But this is a quick shot of our mantel in our bedroom.  I need to make one more stocking!

Wire Baskets with Greenery

These baskets help camouflage my thermostat.  Most of the time it is covered up with artwork.  But I think it blends in well with my other white pieces.

And that’s a start.  More tomorrow!

#christmasdecor #homedecor

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Images by © Wild Soul Weddings © 2020 Style from the Sticks

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