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Cold Weather Ideas

It’s still winter here even if the temps the past few days make you feel that perhaps spring is coming soon.  I can’t say that I have faith our cold weather is behind us.

What to wear when the temperatures are beyond frigid?  This week I’ll give you some ideas, outerwear included!

Today’s outfit, please be kind.  I just had a baby!

Green with Polka Dots

Green with Polka Dots

I started with this cotton 3/4 sleeve black and white polka dot shirt paired with some ivory corduroys.  For added warmth I threw on some color- you don’t have to stick to all neutrals!  I love the pop of this pea green wool cardigan.  For some cold weather accessories, I wore my puffer jacket and a fun hat.  Being cold doesn’t mean being boring!  I l love hats and in this outfit, it’s my only accessory.  (I forgot to wear my black Old Navy gloves that say CH IC on them- whoops!) Add a pair of black booties- all set!

Shirt- Loft

Corduroys- Banana Republic

Sweater- Banana Republic

Hat- Wal-Mart

Coat- Sears

Boots- Younkers


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