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Cold Weather Ideas 4

I came down with another man cold.  So if you wonder if I’m toting raccoons under my eyes, no, it’s just my undereye circles.  I’m on the mend and with that, I’ll finish out the last of the cold weather ideas.

Raccoon Eyes

Raccoon Eyes

Cold Weather 4

Cold Weather 4

This outfit is based on bright colors!  My t-shirt is a very pale pink and on top of that I’ve added a silk plaid collared blouse.  It picks up the orchid color of my cords.  I wore my bright white Michael Kors coat (where I had just lost a button) and a lavender hat and scarf.  My earrings also pick up the coral color in my shirt.

I think it’s important to wear bright colors when you are feeling well!

T-shirt- Old Navy

Blouse- Banana Republic

Corduroys- Loft

Booties- Younkers

Coat- Von Maur

Hat & scarf- Wal-Mart

Earrings- Lillian’s


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