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Cold Weather Ideas 5

Counting down til spring and tomorrow is my last cold weather outfit idea.  I can’t wait to report on spring fashion mainly because these last few days of thawing really hit everyone with spring fever.  Hey, it’s almost February.  That means something doesn’t it?!

Today’s look ended up being all covered up.  It must have been really cold!  I was wearing a cute little fair isle long-sleeved t-shirt underneath my coat.

Cold Weather 5

Cold Weather 5

Let’s talk about this coat.  It’s from Kmart.  Yes, I said Kmart.  I love the color.  It’s a bit of a blue/grey/green and I think I bought it in a seasonal sale a few years ago.  It’s just proof to me that you can find great style at any price point.  And I’m wearing my new obsession for winter, a blanket scarf.  My favorite ways to wear it is just draped over one shoulder!

p.s. My hair is looking very drab this day.  Let’s blame it on the man cold!

Coat- Kmart

Jeans- American Eagle

Scarf- Old Navy

And here’s another selfie.  Just because…

Not Another Selfie

Not Another Selfie


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