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Cool Weather

This cooler weather after that warm blast we had (giving us a taste of SUMMAH!) reminded me that I didn't get to share some spring outfits with ya'll.

So here we go, we reverting back to spring. Because the weather is like that in the midwest- all the seasons whenever!

I went bright and Boho for these spring shots. And to kick that off, an electric red dress. I swear I don't wear this color as much as it seems in blog posts, but I must be drawn to it on some level of consciousness.

It's super stretchy and comfortable. I'd wear this dress to church, to something semi formal like a graduation or a confirmation, or easily, to work. I paired with some retro platforms from Target and some gold accessories.

See, super stretch. ;)

Don't worry, no social distancing rules were broken in the production of this post.


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