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Day 15- Your Office Party

Yes, this is your workplace, so refrain from anything too crazy.  BUT… you can be Bridget Jones-esque with a cute little number like this-

NikiBiki Magenta Pink Dress with Ruched Pleats $44 at Sears Don’t worry about the neckline, we’ll throw something equally dramatic on top, like this cute black sweater found on ebay-

Victoria Harbor Holiday Sweater with Sequin, Bead and Ostrich Feather Trim Buy It Now $30

It’ll give you coverage with a statement. Mix these two colors in some KILLER heels.

Betsey Johnson Baamm Pumps from Dillards $140 These have a SIX inch heel!  Keep in mind that the platform is 2.5 inches and it’ll balance out the height of that heel. Just try to avoid picking up Bridget Jones public speaking skills in moments like this one-


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