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Day 17- Children’s Service

They’ve worked so hard memorizing their lines and practicing Away in a Manager.  Bring your camera to snag a picture of them in their sheep and shepherd’s costumes for the Christmas children’s service.  What used to be a Christmas Eve classic is now scheduled on random Sundays in December so that parents can travel for the holiday.  Kudos to your church if you still have a children’s program on the actual night! The focus should be on the kids, not on your outfit.  But I’d still wear something a little more special to church tonight. Start with some cropped slacks in a blush color-

Body Fit Belted Skinny Ankle Pants from Calvin Klein on sale $40 Your shoes will be on display with cropped pants, so make them worth seeing!

Two Lips Revenge Pump $50 from DSW For a fun top, I’d wear this sassy little vest from Dillards-

Chelsea & Violet Feathered Faux Fur Bolero Vest $98 What to wear underneath?  Just a simple black turtleneck or shell will do. And for accessories, who doesn’t want to own this bag-

Coach Crossbody Bag Style: 234 $59 at Coach Outlet 2011 I’d go with some black onyx look jewelry pieces.  Like this necklace from Lia Sophia-

Alter Ego Necklace $92 And these two bracelets from Target look amazing together-

Zirconite Black and Silvertone Stretch Bracelet $20 and

Black Enamel Bow Bracelet $17 Have you tried wearing your hair in a cute side ponytail?  Keep it low and it’ll look trendy instead of reminiscent of the 80s.

Jennifer Love Hewitt sporting the side ponytail courtesy of InStyle Enjoy the bag of goodies you receive on the way out the door.  Ah the memories of those peanuts in the shell, oranges and butterscotch candies.  They were such a big treat then and are still enjoyed now!


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