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Day 8- Visiting Neighbors

Having hors d’oeuvres with the neighbors?  Wear something work appropriate and add some fun party twists.I like this dress from Wal-Mart and tonight, I’m stretching the pennies-

Miss Tina 3/4 Sleeve Rushed Surplice Dress $17 in chain ruby

It’s jersey and will hug all your curves, bonus, it’s in a flattering print.  A steal that you’ll keep for a long time. I’d combine this with an adorable pair of shooties-

Mossimo Varana Platform Shooties $30 You’ve seen these before too, but they were in a nude color.  And normally I’d tell you when wearing a red dress to wear nude shoes.  But with this dress we’re making a statement with our shoes and the black will only make them stand out more. One last detail and you’ve got this look nailed, a big ornate belt-

I know, I know, it’s adorable.  And it is $14 from Newport-News.  TassleMe Belt, Gold and Black Reversible Have a good time getting to know your neighbors!


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