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Day Nineteen- Doctor Visits

It’s well-checkups, dentist appointments and eye exams, oh my!  It’s hard work keeping everyone healthy! Wear an outfit that won’t wither in the waiting room. I’d start with a button up (be sure to tuck it in!)-

Ruffle Button Down Short Sleeve Top from Loft $45 I’m a total sucker for a cute little white top. Add a pop of color to this outfit with this belt-

Pieces Nanine Skinny Belt from Asos $16 Oo, I just love that color! Loop that belt through your flared jeans-

Gap jeans And for a shoe?  How about these for light and feminine?

C Label Women’s Taffy 1-B Espadrille from Amazon $40 You’re still comfy but classic.  Now if only there were an answer for talking kids into shots….


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