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Day One- Road to Spring- Color Burst

It’s time for 30 days of fashion on the road to spring!

As midwestern women, we have to deal with all kinds of winter weather… that lasts well into spring!  I’m going to help a girl out and give you 30 days of what to wear when the polar vortex just won’t quit.

And, just a reminder, I’m a real mom, just like you.  I don’t have time to spend carefully choosing what I’m going to wear.  My mastery is the quick outfit.  And I wear these outfits in real life.  Sure, my high heels are fun.  But on icy walkways holding children?  Probably not going to happen.  We all appreciate runway fashion, but is it practical?  And can we afford it?  Oh, and did I mention everything I wear is 1) affordable.  I try to never post anything that costs more than $100.  2) accessible.  You can run right out and find these things at your local mall, online or a thrift shop. 3) This is a Photoshop free zone.  If you see me on the street, this is what I look like!

I’m here to help all of us busy moms be fashionable!

So, without further ado, outfit number one-

Color Burst

Color Burst

Day One

Day One

I love to wear color.  I think it gives me a jolt of happy on a bleak winter day.  I love pairing one bright color with another.  It creates balance.  And this scarf is so, so cozy.

Shirt- Eron

Scarf- Burlington Coat Factory

Cords- Loft

Boots- Gianni Bini

Earrings- Thrifted, Ring- Target?

Here’s to the last days of winter!


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