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Day Sixteen- Road to Spring- March Madness

Warning:  this post has nothing to do with basketball.  It has to do with the fact that it is spring break here (spring is here, it really is, we made it!) and that means all kinds of craziness.  I’ve decided spring break is that little glimpse of summer that we’ve been granted to remind us what we have to look forward to when school is out.  No alarm clock, all kinds of fun kid’s activities, sunny weather, no lessons, practices or crazy schedules and spending quality time together…

Here is an outfit I threw together in approximately 3.2 minutes when I was needing to get out the door one day.

Day Sixteen

March Madness

Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen

Orchid polish

Day Sixteen


Tshirt-American Eagle

Sweater- Loft

Vest- MudPie

Jeans- American Eagle

Booties- Target

Sunglasses- Target


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