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Day Thirteen- Community Meeting

Whether you’re presenting to the city council, serving on one of the various boards or just volunteering your time at Rotary, you need to look presentable.  But unless you live in a more populated city, you can leave the suit at home. I’d start with your khakis-

Mango chinos This is an instance when you may feel more like you’re the secretary than the boss.  So leave the blazer at home and wear a cardi instead.  It is business attire in a soft way.

Limited cardigan I love a skinny belt these days (see post here) and I am liking the look this model is rockin’.  Does anyone else think she looks like Natalie Portman?  Squint your eyes a little.  Totally. Let’s try a matchy-matchy belt that you can keep forever-

Club Monaco Wendy Belt at Shopbop $28 Accessorize with a pair of classic and elegant earrings-

Gallatin Earrings from Anthropologie $38 And don’t forget your trusty wedges!  They’re perfect for this job!

Piperlime wedges A big thank you to all who serve for their community!


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