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Day Thirteen- Road to Spring- Marlon Brando

Who’s that?  I might be showing my age here (or at least my old Hollywood film repertoire, but Marlon Brando is non other than the Godfather.  Although that has nothing to do with today’s outfit.  He was also known (for you young pups) for a little movie called A Streetcar Named Desire and The Wild One.  And it is the latter movie to which I feel this outfit is paying homage.  Here he is in his movie get-up-

Image source: public domain

And here is the outfit I was wearing when I suddenly realized who I must have been channeling-

Day Thirteen

Marlon Brando

You’re scared now, aren’t you?  Completely unintentional.  But eerily similar.

Day Thirteen
Day Thirteen

Jacket- Jessica Simpson

Shirt- Loft


Boots- Sonoma

Necklace & Earrings- Premiere

Scarf & Hat- Target


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