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Day Twenty-four- Gardening

If you can’t wear kookie clothes when gardening, you just can’t period.  I would start with something trendy but maybe something you wouldn’t have the guts to wear anytime else… patterned leggings. Sure you may feel a little like you’re in Desperately Seeking Susan, but who cares?

(Image courtesy of Here are some Monet inspired leggings-

Patterened Polyester Spandex Legging from American Apparel $40 Wowsa.  This picture is next to risque.  What’s worse is that I think I knew a lady who once had a couch in this print.  Yikes! Throw on a yellow or blue tee and cover your tush with your hoodie-

Macy’s hoodie Don’t forget some funky wellies!

Women’s Zulima Bias Plaid Rain Boots from Target $30 Wellies are a must.  Hats are optional.  Go get growing!


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