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Day Twenty-two- Dinner Hostess

Better get that meat defrosting because company’s coming.  And you’re the cook.  Hopefully you have at least one dish you can make well. What you wear will be the last thing on your mind, so dress early and keep it easy. I’d start tonight with your mint sweater-

Combine with your floral skirt (you knew this combo was coming, didn’t you?)-

Make it look like you really thought about this by adding on a big belt-

Beaded Stretch Belt with Hand-Carved Buckle from Newport-News $80 Yes, that is a lot of money to spend on a belt but this one is pretty amazing.  (You can always wait for it to go on sale.) And don’t forget, this will go over your sweater.  And don’t let the ribbons of your skirt show.  You don’t need two belts.  🙂 Go barefoot!  Contessa!


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