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Day Twentythree- Road to Spring- Navy & Yellow

Here’s a classic combination of two colors, navy and yellow.  I imagine them like the sea with some sunshine.  And I added a pop of turquoise.  Turquoise is a close second to white in my favorite color palette.  I don’t think I’ve found a color yet that it doesn’t bring a little something out in.  What goes with turquoise?

Purple?  Check.

Hot pink?  Check.

Coral?  Check.

Green?  Check. Check.

You get the idea.  And of course, navy & yellow!

Day Twentythree

navy sweater 2

Being Silly.

Shirt- Oneworld

Sweater- NY & Co.

Jeans- Calvin Klein

Booties- Ruff Hewn

Necklace & Earrings- made at a boutique


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