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Dining Dilemma #2

Something that I forgot to mention about my dining room was the color scheme. If you recall, I did end up painting the room Benjamin Moore’s Huntington Beige.  But I’ve really kept the color palette of the room pretty neutral (on purpose).  Now it is time to introduce in some pops of color.

;Painted room,still empty(terrible picture)

I’m completely smitten with the color palette of a smokey blue and a light lime green added with the grey and beige.  The smokey blue is the same color as my little sofa.  And the lime green is pulled out of a print on my curtains. As my paint color collection grows, so does my spray paint color selection and I just so happen to have a smokey blue spray paint on hand as well as a small can of paint in the light lime green.  Soon I’m going to be a one-woman Sherwin Williams. So this week I have many projects to catch up on- switching closets, tagging garage sale clothes and painting my pops of color.  I promise to post picts of any fun results as I can!


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