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Dining In

When my parents first bought their house, there wasn’t a dining room.  There was a very awkward spot next to a built in hutch in the living room that would fit a small pub-sized table.  This was a problem. The solution?  Taking out a wall.  A four bedroom home went down to three.  The fourth bedroom that adjoined the living room suddenly had a purpose and my parents have a place to put their table when guests visit. Here’s the bedroom before-

Note the blue shag carpeting.  Isn’t it lovely?

Here’s the after-

Sorry for the mess in the picture but they are unpacking…  This picture is taken from the living room looking at where the wall used to be.  The color of this bedroom was what I refer to as “church blue.”  Which means a dead sky blue that is instantly depressing and cold.  Not a good message for a church, but it seemed to be a popular color for churches in the era this house was built.

I painted this room Escape Gray from Sherwin Williams.  

It is a sage green with just enough gray in it to remain a neutral and sage is my mother’s second favorite color.  I also chose something dark (okay, so this is dark to my mother) and dramatic for the dining room because it is one of those rooms where I think drama is important.  A lot of the time you’ll be using this room when it is evening and the color will give it character and warmth in the lamp or candlelight.

The color of the walls and the new flooring really make this space feel like a dining room now instead of a bedroom.

p.s.  Mom, what is the Taco Bell dog doing on the dining room table?  You move six hours across the country and that is one item that you packed?!!!!


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