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Dirty Laundry

It saddens me to report that the laundry room when we first bought our home was… wallpapered.  Not in a fun, expensive, modern wallpaper, but in a dated pattern.  Thus, it needed removing. Enter problem number two.  Underneath that wallpaper was merely primer as the house is only ten years old, it had never even been painted underneath.  So removing the wallpaper also meant removing portions of the primer as well. Needless to say I’ve been not only painting in a few rooms but also repairing.  But here is the result-


(Paint is Benjamin Moore’s Bleeker Beige.)

I have more plans for this room.  The photo below is my inspiration.

(Image courtesy of via Pinterest)

Please excuse all of the misc. “props.” I know I’m airing my dirty laundry. At least this time I’m in the right room…


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