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Drab to Fab

Today I took a basic outfit and made it more sassy.  There is nothing wrong with outfit number one.  It is just basic mom gear.

Outfit No. 1

Outfit No. 1

I have a simple tshirt on, capris, precariously little makeup and flip flops.  Hey, I am wearing earrings, so I made an effort, right?  This outfit is perfectly acceptable should you be at home all day, or painting or cleaning house.  But if you have plans… we can do better!

Outfit No. 2

Outfit No. 2

I swapped out my tshirt for a blouse with a print.  This print is much larger than the print in my capris which has a railroad stripe.  I switched out my flip flops for a sparkly wedge that picks up the blues in my outfit.  I added some eyeliner and a little bit of bling in my earrings and bracelets.  Now I’ve gotten beyond the basic and am still not out of my comfort zone.

I can still chase kids.  I can still take a walk.  But my outfit is no longer drab!

Here’s the pictures, side by side.

Drab to Fab 1

Drab to Fab 1

Tshirt- Target

Blouse- Dillards

Capris- Wal-Mart

Flip Flops- Target

Wedges- JCPenney

Earrings- thrifted

Earrings, Bracelets- gifts


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