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Drab to Fab II

Today’s outfit is based on the little black dress.  You all know how I feel about black, I just don’t wear it very often.  It’s my least favorite color and I always feel like I’m giving up when I purchase something in black.

So a little black dress for me isn’t very exciting.  It absolutely needs something to jazz it up.

Here is a basic maxi dress.  I know what you’re thinking, if I’m wearing a maxi dress, I’ve at least tried!  I’ve done something beyond a t-shirt and shorts.  Give me credit.  So true. But you can still look pretty drab in a maxi dress.

Basic Little Black Dress

Basic Little Black Dress

All I have styled this with is a pair of diamond studs and some blinged out flip flops. Nothing too exciting.

Let’s say you want to pair this with something a bit more funky.

Fun Accessories

Fun Accessories

Here I added a cute fedora, a denim vest and a pair of wedges, along with a chunky necklace.

Maybe you want the look to be a little more chic.

Fedora Chic

Fedora Chic

All I did here was switch out my necklace and vest for a big belt and earrings.

Lastly, let’s say it’s date night.  Here’s a great way to take a day dress and make it more summer night appropriate.

Date Night

Date Night

I added a lace bolero and switched out my wedges for a little kitten heel.  Totally wearable but has an element of sophistication.

And that’s four ways to style your little black dress!

Drab to Fab II

Drab to Fab II

Dress- Wal-Mart

Wedges- Jessica Simpson

Heels- Dr. Scholl’s

Flip Flops- Dillards

Studs- Target

Vest- Star Jeans

Necklace- Premiere

Hat- bought in Paris

Clutch- Coach

Big Belt- Guess

Bolero- Express

Big Earrings- Lillian’s


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