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Dreaming of a Day

What are you looking forward to most when we go back to "normal?"

There's a lot of important things I really want to do. And this is going to sound selfish but... I find myself daydreaming of a hair or nail salon, a trip to Target without the kids and night out with girlfriends.

You guys, it isn't a big dream, but it's mine. LOL.

I don't even recognize my own feet anymore. I haven't worn my toenails without polish this many days in a row since I learned how to paint nails. I catch a glimpse of them and I seriously don't even know they're mine!

As far as my roots, well for a hot minute I thought about letting my hair go. My natural blonde is such a sad, depressing color, especially after a long winter, that I think I would feel even more depressed. So highlights are required once this is all over. Highlights=joy.

And my nails, well, I gave up on them all together. They're ragged, unpolished and often chewed on because WTH. Guess I'll look forward to starting over at some point.

Meanwhile, I'm still in sweats and looking like I'm homeless for much of the time.

I hope I'm not the only one in this boat. The good news, I guess I'm saving money?


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