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Dressing the Part #2

As I referred to yesterday, recently I had a fundraiser to attend where I was unsure of the dress code. While I was pretty sure it wasn’t a true “formal” event, I also wasn’t sure just what to wear. So I went to the closet to see what I had.  I was surprised to remember that I had a dress there from this winter that I bought on clearance (of course) for $13 at Kohl’s.  It was the perfect balance of dressy that could go anywhere, even bar hopping.  Not that this old gal does much of that anymore. Here’s me all ready to go-

Here it is up close.  Photo credit, my youngest who insisted on taking Mama’s photo-

Why can this dress be so ubiquitous? 1)  It’s black.  The LBD is SO handy to have in such an instance.  Everyone should have at least one. 2)  It isn’t floor length, nor is it a mini. 3)  It has a conservative cut.  Nothing too low or too short but still has a very rock and roll vibe (from the snakeskin print). I paired it with some little metallic slingbacks, some beaded teardrop earrings, a sparkly bracelet and a metallic clutch. Now beyond the red-carpet, there are countless places I could have taken this outfit- from a romantic dinner for two to a concert. Moral of the story…take your outfit up a notch when you aren’t sure.  I tried to wear something that I felt was pretty dressy without being overly formal.  At the event there was everything from dresses to jeans (seriously people!) and I felt very comfortable in my outfit. I hope this helps you dress the part!


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