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European Vacation

Instead of thinking of the movie starring Chevy Chase, let’s dream about being in a romantic city soaking up some amazing architecture and sipping a glass of good wine at dinnertime.  If you are lucky enough to take a dream vacation to Europe, I’ll try not to be jealous and instead help you pack.  Be sure to include the following:  a scarf, it’ll add dimension to your outfits without adding bulk to your carry on; two pairs of walking shoes because you’ll be siteseeing everywhere; and something demure to wear for your evenings.  Regardless of what you wear, they will know you are American.  So show them how well an American woman can dress while vacationing! 

Mooiee chiffon top $45 –

Quiksilver striped top $35 –

Phase Eight jersey knit top £29 –

Dorothy Perkins cropped capri pants $39 –

Beige mini skirt £25 –

TOMS bright shoes $58 –

Mimco crystal jewelry 25 AUD –

Enamel jewelry £15 –

Wallis printed scarve $35 –


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