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Exercise 101

Sorry I went MIA on you.  My grandma has been ill and I traveled to visit her.  Luckily she is doing better now and I am home. Let’s focus on what many people right now are focusing on, their weight. I can’t say I do a great job of watching my own weight.  Alas, I have come to the understanding that my body is just not ever going to be the same as it was before three babies.  While I workout six days a week, I don’t always focus on putting healthy food in my body.  It is so easy when you have kids to eat mac and cheese and M&Ms whenever they do.  But I have started drinking lots more water lately.  And that really helps fend off hunger and to try to keeps me from eating too much.  When I workout, almost always I’m in my pajamas.  (A little TMI for ya?)  I don’t have the flexibility in my schedule to go to a gym and it just isn’t conducive to our budget.  As I’m doing my workouts mainly in my home, I figure why spend extra money on workout clothes and also have to wash another set of clothes?  No one but my kids see me. But many of you are really at a gym and therefore should care that you don’t wearing a faded high school track t-shirt and stained sweatpants from 2005. It is possible to look good while you’re working out, with very little effort!  For the next couple of days, I’m going to do a series of outfits based on my favorite workouts.  Dressing the part for exercise will be easier when you have clothes that are designed for that workout. So, for day one (and after much discussion about these pants already), let’s do yoga. With yoga you just feel more natural if you have clothes cut close to the body.  Hitting a downward facing dog and a plank pose is just not comfortable at the gym when your shirt is hanging in all the wrong areas.  And I don’t find myself sweating profusely when I’m doing yoga (probably not hitting the poses just right), so you don’t absolutely HAVE to be in a tank top.  I just like the combo I have shown here. So if I actually made it to the gym for a yoga workout, here’s what I’d put together-

Yoda Foldover Crop Pant from Victoria’s Secret on clearance $20 and Yoga Ruched Tank $40 The ruching in the top will slim you and keep you sucked in at the same time.  And the fold over on the pants is cute but also will help avoid that dreaded bulge at the waistline.  I also love this sunny color with the slimming black in just the right spots. And all you need for yoga is your bare feet! Enjoy your sun salutations!


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