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Fall Fashion Challenge- Day Seventeen- Recreational Sports

You may have wondered why I have some sort of blueish spot on my face under my eye.  I gave myself a shiner.  Completely embarrassing, done with a self phone, not something I should probably admit to.  In this photo, I’m off to do my cycling/boot camp classes and I braved a photo on the world wide web without makeup.  (Find me some other fashion bloggers willing to go to these extremes.  I dare you!) So the blueishness stands out even more predominately.  Regardless I’m ready to work off last night’s glass of wine.  And cheese.  And chocolate.  My three comfort foods.


Recreational Sports

Yiva shirt- Gift from Blogher conference

Capris- Target

Tennies- Avis

Headband- Goody

Sweat- my own


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