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Fall Fashion Challenge- Day Three- Don’t Be A Heel

#fall outfits

Fall Challenge Three

Eesh.  I’m not a fan of this photo.  But it was at high noon and this was the only shade we could find.  Hopefully the rest of the 30 days won’t look like this!

This was an outfit I wore to church.  And looking at it right now, I feel like it could be in a maternity shoot.  Lovely.  No, I have no announcements!  This shirt may be in the donate pile now…and it is new!

I did wear my favorite pair of heels. They are my oldest pair and also my favorite.  They are comfortable and they go with practically everything.  And it seems that I really love this designer because all of my favorite shoes have been from him.  Too bad they are in their last season unless they receive a little TLC.  I hope to find some like them for a replacement!


Favorite Heels

Shirt- MLLP

Pants- Bass

Heels- Franco Sarto

Necklace & Earrings- Primere


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