Fall Fashion Challenge- Day Twentynine- Blazing Trails

Casual dressers, this is for you!  Blazers may seem stuffy, corporate and something to be avoided at all costs.  This is completely false!  Blazers can be as easy as a scarf, as comfortable as a sweater and as sneaky as a corset.  The trick is to not over think them.

Case in point, here I am in a blazer and a t-shirt and jeans.  The hardest part about putting this outfit together was the coloring.

Bonus material, blazers will almost always make you appear slimmer than you really are! Don’t shy away!  Embrace the blazer and be a trail blazer!

Blazing Trails

Shirt- Target

Jeans- Old Navy

Blazer- George (Wal-Mart)

Necklace & Earrings- Charming Charlie’s

Shoes- Michael Kors


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Images by © Wild Soul Weddings © 2020 Style from the Sticks

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