Fall Fashion Show

I’ve been doing a little writing for my local hospital.  And I had the opportunity to cover a luncheon and fundraiser for them that included a fashion show.  This girl would never turn that offer down.  🙂 Here I am all ready to do some writing-

Ready for the Fashion

I had a great time at the event.  This is my second year attending, first year covering.

Beautiful Centerpieces

Check out those cross sections of trees for centerpieces- love it!

Checking Out the Door Prizes

The fashion show featured two local boutiques.  I’m just going to be honest, there is one that I feel is more my style than the other.  They have great clothes but their target audience is probably a little more mature than I am.  I’m just in that awkward age bracket where I’m WAY too old to be in the teen section but don’t really like the women’s section yet  It worked out perfectly because there were lots of ladies there that this boutique appeals to!

Here were the fashions that spoke to me-

Dress with Denim

You know I love a sundress and denim jacket.  And for fall, paired with tall boots and this yummy colored scarf?  Perfect.


I like this look too because a)  the headbands at this boutique aren’t $100 like I’ve seen them elsewhere b) I love western and can’t wait to wear my cowboy boots and c) it has just a touch of boho chic to it that I love as well.


I love this look for the gym.  I’m still not sold on the athleisurewear trend.  I totally get it. It’s out there.  And if you’re under 30, more power to you for pulling it off.  But I can’t get away with wearing this.  I’m just too old.  And it goes against every girly fiber of my being…a pretty dress is always going to trump this look.  EVERY.  TIME.

Mostly what I enjoy about this event is spending time with the girls.  Here are a few shots of some of my favorite people-

Lovely Ladies

Yes, I really did wear those heels eight months pregnant.  They were my “going to Paris” shoes.  And I actually wore them down the cobblestone streets of Paris, having my Sarah Jessica Parker moment.  (They really aren’t so uncomfortable.  The platform counteracts the tall heel.)

Oh, and did I mention I also love the food? 🙂


If you can’t get enough of my writing, track down Grundy County Memorial Hospital on Facebook, like them and you can stalk me there.  🙂


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Images by © Wild Soul Weddings © 2020 Style from the Sticks

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