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Fall Fling Fashions

Oh that’s right, I doooo blog about fashion once in awhile.  🙂  It’s been an interesting summer with all of the fixer upper work.  I’m sure you’ve all enjoyed seeing me run around in my painting clothes.  Sometimes it feels good to be a compete mess.  I’m praying that it slows down one of these days.  There’s only so many projects a girl can handle and I’m at my maximum lately!  I’m looking forward to a little more family time and fewer trips to Menards.  🙂

I’m going to try to post more on fashion these coming months in the hope to phase out of complete fixer upper world.  I’ll still keep you updated but I need to get that sense of normal back.

On that note, here is my review of the Fall Fling I attended recently and the fall fashion trends that were showcased.  I’ll be doing my own set of fall fashion next week, so stay tuned!  Remember that my trends are necessarily what you’ll see on the runway.  I try to focus on trends that I like and will wear.  Who cares what’s going on in New York if it doesn’t work in your lifestyle here in Iowa?!

This year Jennifer’s on Main and Lillian’s were both there again.  Jennifer’s trends included:  fringe; booties; faux leather and fur; the colors blacks, grey, plums,navy and olives; and ponchos.

Let’s talk about those trends for a moment.  While I’ll still say that I feel Jennifer’s gears towards a little more mature fashion, I thought they were spot on in saying that fringe is a trend.  You’ll see next week that this is one of my obsessions for this fall.  IT IS EVERYWHERE.  If you don’t have something with fringe on it, go shopping!

I also appreciate the poncho.  I love them for fall.  It’s the perfect mix of a sweater and a scarf.  What I appreciate about the poncho is that it isn’t quite as hot as a sweater.  I overheat quickly.

Lillian’s trends were:  floppy hats; the color marsala; plaid; dusters; mixing prints; print leggings; faux leather jackets; oversized shirts; and lace.

This girl loves hats.  While I have a floppy hat from a few years ago, I’d love it if I saw it out more.  I did invest in a panama hat recently.  And for me, it’s a great mixture of a cowboy hat and a floppy hat.

The other trend I’m really loving is the dusters.  They add so much fun to an outfit.  Don’t be afraid of them; wear them with confidence!

Overall, it was a great day and I’m always glad I went.  Here’s what I wore:

Fall Fling outfit

Fall Fling outfit

I wore my Joanna Gaines denim shirt (Old Navy) with my thrifted brown linen skirt with ivory embroidery  I like that the shirt toned down the feminine shirt.  My accessories were brown and copper and gold.  You get a glimpse of my sandals that were beaded and I also wore some vintage orange rhinestones.

Here’s a shot of some of my favorite ladies-

4 the Love of Junk

4 the Love of Junk

We like to go junkin’ together.  You can find us on Facebook.

Also, if you’d like to read more about my review of the Fall Fling, you can read it at:

Photos by Melanie Kirkpatrick


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