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Falling for Fall- Cozy Up to a Good Book

I have always been a bookworm and it's something that I've really fallen away from. (Hello- four kids + all the activities= zero mom time). By the time I flop into bed at night, all I want to do is mindlessly scroll through Facebook one more time and pass out. (Just being honest.)

But I want to be more intentional with my life and so lately, even if it's only a non fiction book, I am trying to get back into reading more.

And that leads to me one of my favorite places in town, our local library. In another life, I owned a bookstore. I love the smell of books and seeing walls lines with books. I can totally relate to Beauty and the Beast's moment when the Beast introduces Belle to his library. Wowza. If you aren't a book person, you just don't get it.

So I had to snap a few pictures at our library because when it's cold or rainy out this fall, stop in a pick up a good book. Put the phone down and go somewhere in your mind!

This little nook in the back is such an adorable spot. And I'm wearing home tunic ($25) from Steph's Boutique paired with my own jeans and tennies. With a bag full of books that are probably overdue at the library.

She has some cute leather tassel earrings ($6) that matched my top.

And here's a little bonus sweatshirt ($34) that's perfect for cozy book reading, combined with her teal tear drop earrings ($8) and my own trusty black leggings.

Enjoy your book reading!

And don't forget, if you mention you saw this blog post, you'll get 15% off in store merchandise at Steph's Boutique. (Expires Jan. 31, 2020 and cannot be combined with any other offer. Can only be claimed once per 30 days)


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