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Falling for Fall- Daydreaming

This building downtown just calls my name. If I could own my own store, I would own this building.

This adorable little building sits on the corner of our mainstreet and has so much potential. Another one of my favorite spots. Chip and Jo would make this place into SOMETHING. I am telling ya.

But for now, I can only daydream about owning a store and what I would sell in it.

Green rolled sleeve tshirt
Green rolled sleeve tshirt from Steph's Boutique

In this outfit, I paired a simple but super comfy green tshirt that has rolled short sleeves ($24) with a pair of my own riped up jeans and cowboy boots. A few pops of turquoise accents and some fun feather earrings from Steph's Boutique ($9) complete the look.

Steph also makes tumblers and mugs like this one (on sale now for $8). Gotta have a cup of this every day!

Here I added my own puffy vest to make this outfit wearable when it's chilly. While puffy vests have been around awhile, they are still a fun option for adding another layer and a little something more to a pretty basic outfit. Don't be donating those just yet!

Does anyone else dream of owning a building?

(You want to see what it used to look like, visit our Chamber- Mainstreet site- .

You can find all of the items I've mentioned above at Steph's Boutique. And she is offering 15% off in store merchandise with a mention that you saw the offer here! (Offer expires Jan. 31, 2020 and can only be claimed once per 30 days. Also cannot be combined with another offer.)


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