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Falling for Fall- Movie Night

One of the things I love so much about my town is our movie theater. It's amazing. We are SO lucky to have it and I try to get my kids there as many times as possible since date nights have become a thing of the past. LOL.

This outfit is casual and comfy enough to take your kiddos to the next blockbuster they have to see. It features my own leggings, necklace, booties and bag, but Steph's Boutique's glittery copper hat ($14) and earrings ($8) and an amazing sweatshirt that is tunic length and has pockets ($26). Who doesn't love pockets!

This sweatshirt is a dark grey, my leggings are black and my booties are brown. They are all neutrals so they work together if you're intentional about it.

At our theater, kids 12 and under get in for a regular movie for a DOLLAR. Amazing. Adults? $3. Crazy cheap family fun. And our theater is undergoing some renovations right now to make it even better- new seating so it's extra comfy!

Get out and take the kiddos to the movies!

And don't forget, if you mention you saw this blog post, you'll get 15% off in store merchandise at Steph's Boutique. (Expires Jan. 31, 2020 and cannot be combined with any other offer. Can only be claimed once per 30 days.)


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