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Fashion 101- Getting Fit

This is one aspect of my wardrobe that I struggle with the most.  And you want to know why…because generally I buy things that are inexpensive!  And IN GENERAL, you may give up fit for price.  I am also not a fan of hiring a tailor for every piece in my closet (like a celeb would).  I just can’t afford it, nor do I have the time for all that running around.  Reason number two, I don’t get a chance to try it on!  Normally if I’m just picking up a few things here or there, I have to do it with the kids.  And that means not running into the dressing rooms.  I know you moms can relate!  All kinds of things are said in the dressing room by your kids that probably no one needs to hear.  “What is that mom?” ranks right up there. The best way to know if you have the right fit on something is to make sure your shape looks good.  Thus, muffin tops, flesh belts, plumber pants and anything too loose or too tight isn’t going to make your shape look…well, good. Now I realize that us ladies have another struggle, one with weight.  If you’re like me, you yo yo up and down and it leaves you with several sizes in your closet.  On good days, everything fits.  And on bad days, you better only wear those skinny jeans around the house! So I have a little grace for the wrong fit.  But it really does make a difference in how you look.  So do your best.  Try to find the right fit so you look your best! A few tips to remember: 1) Forget about sizes.  They are different in almost every store.  Wear what fits.  No one knows what the label says but you and who cares if you look fabulous? 2) Buy a full length mirror.  You need to see the whole look and your shape in it. 3) Look for a small percentage of spandex in your pants, especially jeans.  They’ll just fit your body better. 4) Let your clothes do the work for you. Look for clothes with seams and shape all on their own. Shapeless pieces require a very shapely body beneath. 5) Don’t forget to give yourself a waist.  The goal is always an hourglass figure.

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