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Fashion 101- Style Quiz

Okay, you want to talk frustrating…!  I wrote an entire post only to have it not save.  Ack!  I’ll try to remain patient while I write tonight. Back to our exploration of fashion… We all have our own personality. And therefore we should all have a personal style. But all kinds of things get in the way- trends, what our friends wear, getting stuck in time warps, etc. And we all get a little lost as to what clothing speaks to us. Style’s scope is as varied as there are shoes on my wish list.  But so many of us find ourselves gravitating towards one or more labels. Why is it important to know your personal style?  It’ll be easier on your wardrobe.  Even if you’re like me and don’t really stick to any particular label, we should make purchasing decision based on what we feel most comfortable in.  You can be a combination of different labels too.  But knowing what you like should also be a reflection of who you are… Here’s your quiz about the more popular labels out there.  And maybe you’ll start to see what your personal style is! Answer with what you think the correct letter is! a. Classic b. Bohemian c. Modern d. Preppy e. Retro 1)  You love Katy Perry’s style. 2)  Your favorite maxi skirt is in the wash so instead you don a crochet top and wide leg jeans. 3)  You wouldn’t be caught dead without your red lipstick and peep toes. 4)  Audrey and Katherine Hepburn are your style idols. 5)  Your closet is full of cable sweaters, jeans you roll, Sperry’s, madras and plaids. 6)  You love neutrals in basic shapes. 7)  Anything Tilda Swinton wears is inspiring to you. 8)  Cate Blanchett’s Oscar dress in 2011 was your favorite. 9)  You’d rather wear a printed scarf on your head than around your neck. 10) You could easily be in a Tommy Hilfiger ad. 1) e 2) b 3) e 4) a 5) d 6) a 7) c 8) c 9) b 10) d


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