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First Stop- The Master

First stop, the master bedroom.  It wasn’t on the list for our first stop, but today the living room was all a fluster (more on that when you get to see it). This was the master bedroom before-

And here is the “after.”  Keep in mind that this is only one week after taking possession of the home.  So the lights and window treatments are all the same.

I painted this room in Benjamin Moore’s Baby Fawn (which is also the color of my upstairs landing).  It is a very soft grey with just a subtle lavender undertone, which makes it perfect in a bedroom.  It feels very soft, dreamy and ethereal.  It is so much better than the harsh, dirty white that was there.

Baby Fawn

Image courtesy of Benjamin Moore

We also took all of the old carpeting out and replaced it with hardwood and Prego floors.  In this room, it makes a subtle difference but wait until you see some of the others.  Wowza. Just a small change but even those count!


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