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Fixer Upper Q&A

Hammer & Nails

Hammer & Nails

Photo credit: Hammer & Nails by mrpuen via

Ya’ll (ha ha) know that I’m obsessed with HGTV’s show Fixer Upper.  Who isn’t?  You can read more about that here.  They were on the Today Show yesterday and it reminded me that I sent Joanna a message awhile back and I got a response.  I thought you might appreciate my name-dropping today and see what she wrote back!

Here was my question-

I love your show and your design style! I also love the example you set for couples who work together. You show patience and humor and love. And clearly you have family values. My question for you is- I find my home decor getting cluttered quickly. How do you pick fewer pieces for better design and how do I edit my own collections to achieve this? Are there any good rules to follow? Holly @ Style from the Sticks

And here’s her response-

Holly, Thanks for the love and the kind words! I tend to use pieces that can stay through all seasons, as well as pieces that have a story. I am including a blog link about clearing your shelves, and some tips of decluttering. I hope that helps!


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