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Flannel for Football

You know I write about anything and everything. This does not exclude random conversations I have on a local level.

Our football team is in the state title game this week. I am super excited for my oldest who plays for the team.

Last week at the semi-final game, I had a conversation about how hard it is to find flannel with maroon in it, which is our team's color.

And now it's my mission to find some maroon flannel for you. I got you, girl.

These are all local stores, nothing you have to drive for or have shipped! Maybe it will be too late for football but, good news, basketball season is just starting!

Here are some shopping links for you!!

Maurices Burgundy Plaid Oversized Button Down Shirt $34.90

Kohls Women's Croft & Barrow® The Extra Soft Plaid Flannel Shirt $25.49

Tractor Supply Blue Mountain Women's Long Sleeve Plaid Flannel Shirt $9.99

(Can you believe that price!?)

Oversized Gender-Neutral Patterned Flannel Shirt for Adults $39.99

Good luck football team!!


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