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Formal Living

Well, I saved one of the best for last.  But with this room, I’m having some trouble not only figuring out what color it should be, but also how to make it more functional.  These days, a formal living room is pretty much wasted space.  What really is a “parlor” and a place where you formally meet company just doesn’t really fit anymore with how the majority of Americans live.  Yes, it would be grand, say, I lived in a mansion.  But I don’t have rooms to just waste space.  I love to use every last square inch of every room I have in my house. So this room has to become more than just a formal living space, it has to be a real living space.  It also has to look exceptionally nice since it the room most people will sit down in and enjoy when visiting. Here’s what it looks like now-

And I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but, I think I may not be painting this room!  Isn’t it glorious.  My hands and wrists thank me.  This may be the last of the heavy cream through out the house.

Now, the question remains.  What to put in it? 

Right now we just don’t have enough seating but I’m sure that’ll be something we purchase in the near future.  I also have the TV in this room because I fear if we don’t put it in here, no one will ever sit in it. 

What’s left to add?  What other ways can I make this room more useful?


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