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Fun Facts About Me

I used to have this posted on my old blogspot site but just didn’t move it over when I did the big switcharoo.

I thought it might be good reading enjoyment for your Friday.  I updated a few of them but it is an ironic list considering what I seem to write about most days.  If you’re fairly new to the blog, this will a great way to know more about me!

25. My favorite color is white. I would wear white every day if I could or have it in every room in my house.

24. My husband and I met our very first day of college and were friends up until my senior year.

23.  I used to be able to play the piano, the French horn and occasionally the trumpet. Now I am dabbling in the guitar but am a slow learner.

22. I’ve never been skiing- water or snow.

21. Every year I read books from my childhood, Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie and Archie Comics.  UPDATE- Back when I could actually read a book.  #bloggingproblems

20. My favorite drink is sangria, if you didn’t already know that. And I’m a total cheap-skate. I love the $7 version with a screw off top. High class, I know.

19. I have lived in four different states. I was born in Indiana and have lived twice in both South Dakota and Iowa.

18. There are times when I fear I suffer from AIXELSYD. I read numbers backwards occasionally and I have a hard time spelling without seeing the letters in print.

17. I pray often for children who are suffering throughout the world. What an injustice that any child should ever have to feel hunger, pain or neglect.

16. When I put on my wedding dress, I had that moment where I knew it was the one. Just like a feeling I had about my husband after we met.

15. I love Jane Austen (I think I’ve read all of her books) and one of my favorite movies of all time is Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley. I am also a movie nut and have seen a TON of movies, both old and new.

14. I was great at algebra, calculus, etc. but don’t ask me to do real life (practical) math.  And just ask The Mr. how great I am at budgeting…

13. I think Adam from Man vs. Food has the best job in the world.

12. My eyes are green.

11. If I were a professional athlete, I’d be an ice skater.

10. I love homemade cookie dough. & I’ll probably die from whatever illness it is you can catch from raw eggs. #worththerisk

9. My house is usually organized but rarely clean.

8. I’ve had surgery four times.

7. I used to be able to drink coffee all day long, but after breastfeeding and being pregnant, caffeine makes me crazy. One cup and I’m laying awake at night.  UPDATE- I am now a caffeine fiend again.

6. I cut my husband and little boys’ hair. So if you ever wonder why they always have the same haircut, it’s because I don’t know what I’m doing.  Really.

5. Although my ancestry is German and English, I think I must be Italian. I love the food and the wine. And the more I have, the more loudly I talk and often interrupt. Plus, la famiglia e tutto.

4. I am a way less cool person in person.  I tend to be quiet and come across as snobbish instead of introverted.

3. Jesus loves me, this I know.

2. I’d probably have a Duggar-sized family if I had a nanny, a cook, a maid, a plastic surgeon and a billion dollars on hand.

1. I am secretly a jeans and t-shirt girl, who chooses to try most days to do better.

Happy Friday!!


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