Gatsby Decor

So I was asked to work on centerpieces for an upcoming Gatsby party.  The motif is supposed to be black and gold with an art deco twist.

This was the Pinterest image that I was given to make the centerpieces from-

So I started with donations of old wine bottles.  Since I currently have none of my own.  😉 Then I removed the labels, which was no easy task.  And sacrificed the gel manicure on my thumbnail.  Totally worth it though.

After I had the bottles naked, I spray painted them in the colors- black, gold and a creamy white.  (I have a sneaking suspicion that word has gotten out that I have a spray paint problem.  And that could be how I wound up with this task in the first place.  All you’ve heard is true!)

Black Bottles

Gold Bottles

While they dried, I made a run to my local dollar store.  I found this sparkly tape and some sticky backed rhinestones.  I also have in my stash of random decor a big spool of pearl garland which will be the final touch on these babies.  Perfect for Gatsby!

And here they are in progress.  I think they’ll turn out!!

Almost Finished


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