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Girls Nite

I had a chance to get away for the night with my favorite group of ladies.  I was the only one toting along a child but no one complained.  He loved crashing the party with nine ladies.

We had a little wine and paint party of our own.  You know me and paint.  I’m a happy camper with a paint brush in my hand, even if usually it’s more of a household brush than an artist’s.  I have been waiting for a chance to do a small picture of a truck, much like my Ford “Stanley.” So while the others did butterflies and crosses, I started on my truck.

Here’s the rough draft, so please no laughing.  I hope I’m actually able to complete this painting project.  It makes me wonder how any artist ever knows if their picture is done.  ?

Truck Picture

Truck Picture

Beyond that we played some games, went out to eat and tried our hands at arm knitting.  I think I’ll stick to painting…

I loved every minute!

The Gang

The Gang

(Isn’t the baby’s face hilarious.  He’s like, “Whaaat’s going on here????”)

Can’t wait for the next time!

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