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Goodbye to This Place

Well, that day that we’ve been dreading and anticipating is finally here.  What does one say about leaving this place that we call home?

This place that we came home to after new jobs, a wedding, a honeymoon (a couple!), an addition of the family pest, I mean, pet and a doctor’s visit that revealed we were going to become a family. This place that saw three babies brought home, three baptisms, first smiles, first crawls, first walks, first “mama” and “dada”, skinned up knees after learning how to ride bikes, running “bases” after big ball hits, tears for the first day of preschool and rejoicing on the first day of kindergarten.  This place that knows each kiss and hug.

This place that saw the loss of dear neighbors and beloved grandparents, marriages and divorces.   This place that saw surgeries, birthdays and holidays and anniversaries.

This place that housed all of our dear things, our photographs or first colored pictures and our beds that lay down little heads with songs and prayers and stories. This place that held the magic of fireflies and sparklers on hot sticky summer nights and sledding and snowmen while the winter wind howled and the snow fell. This is a very dear, dear place.  And we will miss it and wish that all of its shouts and prayers and whispers and secrets will be held dear to a new family.


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